Keeping sustainable landholders on sustainable land

Landcare CarbonSMART

Clearing of vegetation in Australia has caused serious environmental problems such as soil erosion, salinity, undrinkable water and loss of biodiversity. Landcare CarbonSMART  is not only fighting climate change, but provides a financial incentive for landholders to maintain eligible vegetation on their land. This is achieved by calculating the amount of carbon absorbed by the vegetation and selling the carbon to individuals and businesses to help them take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

The value of carbon trading is estimated to be worth US$2.3 trillion in five years time. This is money up for grabs for anyone with eligible projects.

Landcare CarbonSMART  is seen as an innovative project to provide an option to corporates to address their environmental responsibilities. It's corporate supporters include Westpac, Holden, Leighton Holdings and Freehills, not to mention some of Landcare Australia's high-profile celebrity ambassadors. Acting legend and passionate environmentalist Jack Thompson has thrown his support behind the project, as well as cricketing star Glenn McGrath.

Calculate your carbon footprint!

Individuals and families can now assess their carbon footprint online through Landcare CarbonSMART’s emissions calculator! Click on the icon to the right to see how you can do your bit to help address climate change.

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