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Leighton Holdings helps CarbonSMART training programme August 2009
Starting with a modest pilot project in 2007, Landcare CarbonSMART has now run 22 one-day sessions for around 190 people all over Australia, training them to assess the carbon sequestration potential of indigenous vegetation. Read the article here

Money can grow on trees October 2008
It's a win-win deal for farmers as they put unproductive land to good use, writesBrendan O'Keefe in The Australia's Clean Energy Report. Read the article here.

Carbon Offset Watch report directs benefits offshore says not-for-profit Landcare CarbonSMART September 2008
The release today of the Carbon Offset Watch survey 2008 by CHOICE, the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) and the Total Environment Centre, is against the national interest in that it by default promotes overseas abatement projects over local initiatives....More

Count on Paul for carbon cash - article, Brisbane Courier Mail,  September 2008
Meet Queensland's first carbon assessor...More

Carbon partnership to benefit landholders - September 2008
South East Queensland is set to become one of Australia’s hotspots for carbon sequestration following the new partnership between South East Queensland Catchments (SEQC) and Australia’s leading not-for-profit carbon trading organisation, Landcare CarbonSMART. SEQ Catchments has appointed the state’s first ‘super assessor’, Farm Forestry Officer Paul Daly...More...

Green Paper green light to plant for farmers - July 2008
The release on 16th July of the government’s green paper ‘Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme’ is a boost for landholders with tree stands planted since 1990 or plans for revegetation says Landcare CarbonSMART's MD Matt Reddy. More...

Tree cash in the pipeline - Weekly Times editorial by Matt Reddy July 2008
Last week's release of the Federal Government's CArbon Pollution Scheme green paper is a boost for farmers as it proposes crediting tree plantings established since 1990. More...

Carbon comes to town - CarbonSMART forums for WA July 2008
Australia’s leading not-for-profit carbon trading organisation, Landcare CarbonSMART, is launching in Western Australia with a series of six information sessions for regional landholders taking place in late July. More...

Read a Farm Weekly article about the WA forums here.

WA landholders getting carbon smart - feature July 2008
Western Australian landowners involved in a tree planting program which began in the early nineties are about to reap even more rewards through the carbon market. More...

CarbonSMART joins industry coalition demanding recognition of Early Offset Projects under planned national Emissions Trading Scheme June 2008
As active stakeholders in Australia's carbon offset market, we...are writing to ask that you and your Department give careful consideration to the inclusion of offset credits from net sink sources in the design of the national Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Read the full letter here...


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