Keeping sustainable landholders on sustainable land

How is CarbonSMARTdifferent?

CarbonSMART®  is different because it offers landholders a low risk, low management, low cost option to enter the booming carbon market. CarbonSMART®  works on a partnership approach with landholders where CarbonSMART®  undertakes the management, accreditation and monitoring on behalf of the landholders. Landholders can get on with growing trees!

The carbon trading market is already climbing rapidly, with some experts estimating the market will be worth $2.4 trillion in five years time. The CarbonSMART®  business model has been designed to ensure that, as the price of carbon rises with demand, those increases are passed onto the landholders. It is expected that CarbonSMART®  will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help support sustainable Australian farmers and landholders.

Another key difference of CarbonSMART®  is that we support conservation projects on private land. These projects also assist in fighting salinity, erosion, water quality, creates habitat and a wealth of other environmental benefits.

CarbonSMART®  is more than just carbon, it's an investment in a healthy environment!!!


Landcare CarbonSMART®  delivers multiple benefits to the landholder including:

> an income stream from carbon credits

> revegetation benefits including stock and crop protection

> reduced erosion and soil salinity problems

> streamside rehabilitation

> invigorated biodiversity

> promotion of greater productivity

> low risk, low cost, low management effort

> land management solution for small holdings not suited to production

Landcare CarbonSMART®  combines its many sites into one central carbon pool, passing on to landholders the benefits of operational efficiencies and centralised risk and records management.

Landcare CarbonSMART®  manages the program, including:

> Pool administration

> Scheme accreditation

> Annual compliance reporting

> Project assessment

> Sales and marketing

> Project monitoring

> Project registration

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