Keeping sustainable landholders on sustainable land

What are the returns to landholders?

Through CarbonSMART® , landholders can earn money for simply planting and maintaining vegetation, with some sites able to secure a regular income for up to 30 years.


Landcare CarbonSMART®  pays landholders 60% of the carbon sale price. The high return for landholders is made possible by the not-for-profit status of Landcare CarbonSMART® , backed by the support of our corporate partners Westpac, Holden, Freehills along with the Australian Government.

Landholders are paid annually by June 30 for the preceding calendar year’s sequestration. Any rise in the price of carbon is passed on to the landholder during the following year.

Landcare CarbonSMART®  aims to sell carbon at the premium end of the market, bolstered by the fact that revegetation plantings on landholder property have additional benefits for biodiversity and land regeneration, an attractive proposition for corporate buyers concerned with corporate social responsibility outcomes.

The actual returns to each landholder will vary depending on many factors including location, species, age and management of the site. Each project is modeled individually to give the best estimate of available carbon. Once you complete an Expression of Interest application form, Landcare CarbonSMART®  can undertake a no-obligation desktop assessment of your site.

Site case study

Site: Wagga Wagga, NSW

Size: 10 hectares

Revegetation method: direct seeding

Year seeded: 2000

Based on today’s price this site will return over $8,000 in 10 years (this is before any expected price rises are passed on to the landholder). This equates to $80/ha each year for ten years.

Actual returns will vary per project and are dependent on many parameters, such as location, species, management practices and age of vegetation.

To receive an estimate of your returns, please complete and return the Application Form to CarbonSMART® .

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