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Calculate Your Emissions Now!

In recent times, we have seen countless reports from environmentalists and scientists warning that climate change will cause huge consequences not only for humans, but for the very existence of thousands of animal and plant species across the globe – unless we act now.

While the challenge is large, it is not unsurmountable – there are many ways that everyday Australians can make a difference – and a great first step is by reducing greenhouse gase emissions. Every little bit helps!

It’s so easy…

Through Landcare CarbonSMART you can help combat climate change by following three easy steps:
  1. Calculate your emissions! Find out your personalised carbon footprint through our easy-to-use calculator
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint! Find out how you can easily reduce your emissions – and save money!
  3. Offset your remaining emissions! Support the planting of native vegetation through Landcare CarbonSMART
To reduce your carbon footprint all it takes is three easy steps!

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