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Keeping sustainable landholders on sustainable land

About Our Sponsors

The Landcare CarbonSMART®  project is proudly supported by the following generous sponsors:

Westpac Banking Corporation

Established in 1817, Westpac is Australia's first and oldest company. 

Westpac is a recognised global leader in sustainability and managing the challenges of climate change.

Westpac has been examining and addressing the impact of environmental issues on our business for well over a decade, having reduced our own emissions by over 40% since 1996. We believe that being a responsible bank is about keeping things simple and focusing on practical steps to secure our future. This means managing our business for long-term success, with an unwavering commitment to socially and environmentally responsible behaviour.

We support programs such as Landcare CarbonSMART because we are committed to helping our customers transition into a carbon constrained economy through the use of market mechanisms which promote flexible and innovative solutions for businesses, farmers and members of the community.


Freehills has provided legal advice to Landcare Australia Limited (LAL) on a pro bono basis for over 15 years. Given that relationship, Freehills was delighted to be able to assist LAL to set up the Landcare CarbonSMART®  project. As climate change emerges as a mainstream political issue in Australia, there are increasing opportunities to take part in initiatives aimed at offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

The strength of the Landcare CarbonSMART®  project is that it enables individual land owners to take part in such initiatives. For Freehills, the Landcare CarbonSMART®  project has also provided the opportunity to draw on our increasing involvement in this novel area of law. It was exciting being involved with the project at its very inception but to now see the project launched is an achievement indeed!

Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is the not-for-profit public company undertaking the promotion and sponsorship marketing for the Landcare and Coastcare movements. Landcare Australia established a wholly-owned subsidiary company CarbonSMART®  Pty Ltd to provide income to those farmers who undertook revegetation since 1990. CarbonSMART®  Pty Ltd has applied to IPART to be an accredited carbon trading broker and is expecting approval in the first half of 2007.

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